Monday, August 27, 2012

Jebudo Island

If you have heard of the story of Moses from the Bible where the sea parts and makes path for Moses to walk, you will witness something similar in Jebu islands! Jebudo island is a small island that floats in the open seas by Seosin-myeon of Hwaseong in Gyeonggi-do. Jebudo Island exposes the seaway twice a day. In low tide, the seawater loses about 4-5m of water and exposes the 3km-long cement-paved path that is usually submerged underwater. The path to the island is through a narrow cement road and the either sides has plenty of clay type of sand, where one could easily sink due to the loose soil. This part of the land is submerged most of the day and when it is low tide you can view the surface of the sea and see the unevenness . Jebudo doesn't have a sandy sea shore, mostly grainy pebbles and plenty of clams, tiny crabs, mussels along the shore. The local population get little buckets to grab as many of these creatures. The Jebudo wharf is very close by to the island has tens of personal yachts, and some fishing boats. The wharf should take roughly 30 mins to cover. Visit the island at appropriate timings to view the parting of the sea. Everything seems just normal and suddenly the sea seems to give way. The crowd throng near the shores to catch the glimpse of the parting sea and to walk along the cement path way to reach one of the smaller islands. You should also cover the Jebudo light house and the wooden pathway which leads to the beach. The view from the wooden pathway is wonderful, it lies in between sharp jagged rocks and sea shore. The wooden bridge finally leads to the beach. The view of the sunset is marvellous. The hue of the greyish blue waters and the orange rays of the sun set a fantastic backdrop. If you can stay over night, the fun is doubled! I must thank the New Suwon India guest house folks for planning this fantastic trip for the SISOites!

For more information read : Jebudo Island

  • Ease of transportation: 3/5
  • Value for money: 5/5
  • Recommended group size: 6 or more

Some pictures below.


  1. hello..nice picture..can u tell me howto go to this island from suwon station? how long it will takes?

  2. Hi,

    Thank you!, please follow this link . It has the bus details from Suwon station. I think it takes 90 minutes to reach Jebudo from Suwon station.



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