Saturday, April 28, 2012

From the land of Kimchi

From the land of Kimchi is an attempt to help or point out favorable tourist destinations in and around Suwon, Geonggi do. Although land of Kimchi refers to South Korea in entirety, I will be covering few places in South Korea such as Suwon, Seoul, Yongin, Osan and may be some more if I happen to make it possible. This blog is written from the view of a outsiders perspective and I being from Bangalore, India will try to draw some similarities or differences in life style in the later part of the blog. This trip to South Korea came as a pleasant surprise and it turned out to be better than I expected and not a single day has been a day of regret. There are several websites which provide ample information about tourist destinations and which ease the life of expats living here. I will list them too. I intended to preserve my memories through writing and pictures and this blog will help me achieve the same. I work for SISO and stayed at New Suwon India, Royal India guest house. I arrived at South Korea on 18th March, stepped out of the airport and it was cold !, truly cold ! for someone from Bangalore where the min to max varies from 14c - 35c, 4 degrees is cold ! So that was my first experience at SK, and from there begins a series of experiences.

Some pics of me/my room during my stay in Korea

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  1. very nice that you have made a blog dedicated to your experience in south korea... i came to know that gangam (gangam style) is a place while browsing through ur blog... well written and very useful for ppl who would be visiting in the future...


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